Our Process

(1.) Our client will manufacture and deliver the goods that the customer has ordered — or render the service ordered — and will then

(2.) invoice the customer for the appropriate payment, and then wait to get paid.

(3.) Our client, however, wishes to have ‘cash today’ and arranges to sell the invoice to SGF for immediate cash at an agreed discount.

In order to complete the ‘legal’ process the client notifies the customer that the sale has taken place with SGF, and the customer acknowledges this to SGF, as well as confirming that all goods and/or services have been satisfactorily received from the client in accordance with their order.

(4.) Once this simple paperwork is completed, SGF completes the transaction by making payment direct to the client, and at which point title to the invoice/s pass to SGF.

(5.) The invoice will be paid in full directly to SGF at the end of the credit cycle to conclude the transaction.
SGF usually funds the transaction at 80% of the face value of the invoice.
With your cooperation, we can complete an initial funding transaction very quickly. Subsequent funding transactions can be completed in as little as 48 hours – as our initial due diligence of your customer and the initial documentation has been executed, our process and documentation is streamlined.

Within days of issuing the invoice you have the cash available to buy more materials, acquire additional stock, take on more staff or simply just pay those important creditors.

A cost-effective service

Tap into the cash trapped in you outstanding invoices by completing the form and we will send you the Application form.

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Our fees are simply a small percentage of the invoice/s we purchase. There are no other costs involved.

Unlike other solutions, we can buy single invoices or as many as you like, it’s completely up to you. We will buy invoices for any value.


No minimums or maximums. A solution to fund your growth If you have a sound business and your customers are other businesses (not consumers), we can work with you. The Source Growth Fund invoice discounting service is not restricted by industry or by scale of transaction. Funding can be provided for virtually any business selling a product or service on regular credit terms to other businesses and all funding requests are considered.


Unlike banks or factors, we do not flatly reject you as a potential client merely because you have not been in business for at least two years.

Some of our clients have, in fact, only been in business for a few months. And we do not instantly reject you because you have a weak balance sheet or because you have experienced a negative credit event in your recent past. We focus more on the financial strength of your customers (the account debtors), those businesses who have an obligation to pay your invoices. As your sales escalate, so does the available funding.
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